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Feedback from our Parent Questionnaire April 2022.

100% said they always received a warm welcome at Woodpeckers.


100% of our families are happy with the opportunity of regular contact with a member of staff. 

When asked what they like best about Woodpeckers -


85% mentioned the staff and how lovely they are.

80% mentioned our garden, outdoor environment and facilities.

Other things mentioned was how we mange behaviour, support families as well as the children, promote independence and how our opening hours help working parents manage school runs etc.

Some of the comments made were:

“The friendly and welcoming atmosphere and feel like the children come first”

“We love how friendly and supportive all the staff are. It feels like family”

“We love how independent the children are”

“I love the outside area and the range of activities are out there”

“There is a genuine love in every inch of Woodpeckers. I trust them with every aspect of my child’s care. Such a wonderful place”

“Lots of outside space which is utilised daily”

“Our child loves going to Woodpeckers and is full of joy upon leaving”

“Friendly relaxed staff”

“Everything really, the staff, the environment, the atmosphere, everything feels right”

“Woodpeckers is amazing and I would always recommend”

“The staff, they build positive relationships with the children, even those who left some years ago. I trust them implicitly”

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